About club

Klub Crkva

Crkva is a unique and magical place in Rijeka, next to the Rječina river in Ružićeva street that leads to Hartera. Crkva is also a community of open minded people. Crkva is a temple of music. Crkva is dedicated to a culture of electronic music in all its variations of movements, shapes and sounds. Crkva is art, creation, the present and the future, a smile, revolution and evolution. Crkva stands for peace, love, unity and respect.

Dance is a rhythmic movement of the body to the rhythm of the music. People dance since time immemorial, even cave paintings show dancing people. People dance alone, in pairs or groups. In Crkva, people gather in order to dance. Crkva is the place with good sound where people feel good. Crkva is a place of meeting. Colours purple and blue are met here in order to provide you a unique experience of the interior. Crkva is large enough to be big, and small enough to be intimate. Crkva is warm and tolerant. Crkva is the same, yet different every night. Crkva is the place of smile on your face.