Rules of conduct

  1. Tolerance and positive attitude are expected from our guests, regardless of nationality, gender, age, race, culture, sexual orientation and religion. Aggression, violence, homophobia, discrimination and other inappropriate behavior is not allowed.
  2. Entrance for persons under 21 years of age is limited, persons under 18 is prohibited.
  3. We expect that our guests are decently dressed. We look forward when you show more extravagance. Sportsware is more suitable when going to the gym, not in the club.
  4. Persons under the visible influence of alcohol and / or other substances are not allowed to enter.
  5. We reserve the right to restrain entry to anyone.
  6. Upon entering you can be searched.
  7. It’s forbidden to carry in any kind of weapon in the club.
  8. Consummation or resale of any illegal narcotic substances is strictly forbidden. Persons caught in the act will be retained until police arrives.
  9. It’s not allowed to bring in your own drinks as well as taking them out of the club in its original packaging and glass cups.
  10. Pets or other animals are not allowed.
  11. By entering the club, you agree to be photographed and/or filmed by of the official staff.
  12. If you leave your bag or jacket in the cloakroom, take your valuables with you. The club is not responsible for their disappearance.
  13. Please keep your stay in front of the club as short as possible.
  14. When leaving the club, have in mind the residents of Ruzic streets. We kindly ask you to be as quiet as possible.
  15. Upon entering the club, you agree on these rules.